28 Nov 2015

4 December 2015.The internationalisation plan of Isopan, a European leader in the production of insulation panels for buildings, marks another achievement: on 3 December in Silao, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, the company inaugurated its 7th production plant in the world.

The site is located on a total area of 55,000 sq m, of which 14,000 are built in the "Puerto Interior" industrial park. With a manufacturing output 2 million sq m of panels per year and the use of cutting-edge technology, this is the most efficient and advanced plant in the country.

The 20 million euro investment is the result of a strategic joint venture between Isopan – the Italian manufacturer of insulation panels for walls and roofs established 41 years ago and now part of Gruppo Manni, a long-standing holding company from Verona that produces steel – and Venezuelan firm Cindu, which designs, manufactures and markets corrugated sheets and roofing systems. Isocindu is the name of the company formed following the merger of two groups. t will operate by exploiting it strategic position on the continent to serve both the Mexican market and neighbouring countries of North, Central and South America.

«The investment in Mexico completes the internationalisation project launched by the Group a few years ago and designed to focus the bulk of our sales on foreign markets», says Francesco Manni, president of sub-holding Isopan and Vice President of Gruppo Manni. «The inauguration follows that of Isopan Rus in Volgograd, Russia, on 18 September last year and the event is indicative of how our products can be successfully used in extreme and diametrically different climatic conditions. In addition to the aesthetic value of Italian manufacturing, our panels offer a performance – from isolation to the lightness of the structure – that meets the need for efficiency and energy savings in buildings, a very topical and hotly debated topic in these days even at the Paris Conference».

«Abroad we can present ourselves only if we export excellence», says Manni Group CEO Enrico Frizzera. «The launch of Isocindu is a very strong modernising element for the construction industry in Mexico. The contribution in terms of know-how, sustainability of the manufacturing process and product quality is remarkable, as well as the experience gained on international markets by Isopan companies operating in Italy, Spain, Romania, Germany and recently in Russia. The ongoing communication with different building standards and strict international certifications has led to a deeply understanding of our customers and heavily invest in research and development». With this legacy Isocindu positioned itself as the first Mexican manufacturer of metal insulating panels that does not use gases harmful to the ozone layer.

The Chairman of the Manni Holding Group, Giuseppe Manni, is «enthusiastic about the joint venture with Cindu» and highlighted the extraordinary welcome received from Mexican institutions as well as from the market: «I am sure this positive trend will continue and will be another success for the Group and for Isopan».

«Prospects for the Mexican building market look good», say Cindu Group Presidents José Adolfo Goyanes and Manuel Diaz. «Cindu group has experienced steady growth in Mexico, where stability and openness to foreign investments are ideal conditions for this kind of investment. We believe that Mexico will continue to grow in future and the country's modernisation will support a growing demand for quality building products».

Expected authorities at the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday December, 3 included the Governor and the Secretary of Economic Development of the state of Guanajuato, the Italian Ambassador in Mexico, the Director of the "Puerto Interior" industrial park and the President of the municipality of Silao.  


With the inauguration of Isocindu, the group – a leader in the production of metal insulation panels for roofs and walls – now has seven production plants worldwide: two in Italy, in Verona and Frosinone, one in Romania, one in Spain, one in Germany, one in Russia, along with two sales companies in France and the Czech Republic. In 2014 Isopan reported a turnover of 192.6m euros with an EBITDA of 7.49m euros.

With a proven experience and an ongoing commitment to R&D, it provides products that meet the various needs in terms of isolation and protection of civil, commercial, industrial and livestock buildings. The panels are made with metal section supports and a layer of insulating polyurethane or mineral fibre mass: their design and static features allow for applications on roofs and walls highly customisable both from a technical and aesthetic point of view. It has developed sound absorbing mineral fibre panels with high fire resistance and architectural facade systems. Thanks to its Service Centre, it also offers fastening units, sheet metal used for finishing purposes and collecting rainwater, translucent and polycarbonate corrugated elements for areas featuring lighting fixtures. Isopan is part of Gruppo Manni HP, a long-standing Italian company that has been operating for 70 years in the iron and steel industry and also controls MANNI SIPRE (Italian leader for pre-machined steel components and structural systems for buildings and one of the top suppliers of steel structures for Milan's Expo 2015) and MANNI ENERGY (which designs and produces energy from renewable sources). Together with Isopan, the holding company has 13 operating companies, 22 production sites, service and distribution centres worldwide, plus 1,000 employees. In 2014 it recorded a 500m euro turnover serving over 10,000 customers in 60 countries and 4 continents.


Cindu is a Latin American company with Venezuelan share capital founded in 1955. Through its subsidiaries in Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, the United States and El Salvador, it offers advice, manufactures and installs solutions for roofs and facades, interiors, floors and coatings for industrial, agricultural, residential, hospital and institutional applications. The Group has a combined turnover of more than 11m euros.

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